Client User Controls

Share Listings Through Social Sites
Seller can share their listings through their accounts on several social media sites with a click. Clients browsing your site can share listings on your site through their social media accounts with a click also. You can have all listings placed into your site shared through a couple social media sites....
Renew/Upgrade Listings
Allow clients to renew current auctions and classifieds with a few clicks in their client area. Both about to expire and just expired listings can be renewed for instant extension, Allow the addition of additional images (if charge to attach) and listing extras immediately after a listing is placed just in case a client forgot to add them initially....
Allow to Bid Admin
Some auction sellers may only want to allow specific bidders to enter bids on their auctions. This allows for sellers to prequalify bidders on their auctions or just allow them further control over the bidders and eventual buyers they settle with after the auction..
Client Listing Management Tools
Each registered user in the system that's allowed to place listings will have current and expired auctions and classified management tools. Within these tools they can copy, edit, renew and upgrade any aspect of live listing. And renew and copy expired listings from that tools and more...
Feedback Management
Within each clients area is a tool to allow them to manage their open feedbacks they need to leave. With each auction transaction they are involved in they are given the opportunity to leave feedback for the user on the other side of the transaction. They are also able to review feedback left about them and view their cumulative feedback record.. .
Ban From Bidding Admin
Sellers can stop individual users from bidding on their systems. There can be a number of reasons ranging from the need to ban their competition from bidding on their auctions to simply not liking the experience with a specific buyer and the desire to not deal with them any more...for what ever reason this gives your sellers better control over their auctions on the site certainly raising their comfort level with your site..
Saved Searches
If a client can't find what they need or need to continually search for something specific they can insert their search term(s) and the software will check those search term(s) against any new listing inserted into the system. If there is a match they will be notified by email...
User Favorites
this allows registered users in the system save listings they are interested in. All favorited listings are kept in a list accessible within any of their client areas. Each listing has a "favorite" link for any user to quickly add that listing to their favorites list..
Active Bids Admin
This allows your clients to see at a glance the bids they have on live and recently expired auctions. This will show the current status of their bids on those auction like whether they won, are winning, are losing or have lost. Also the "pay seller" link provided by the seller to buyer gateway feature would appear here so the buyer could pay the seller directly through paypal.