Hide Listing Details Without Subscription

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classifieds Software
  • GeoCore Auctions Software
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classifieds Software
Control access to listing details using a subscription

Feature Highlights

  • Use site subscriptions to control access to listings
  • If no current subscription can only browse categories
  • Category Browsing is a teaser to subscription only information
  • Uses subscription based price plans

This feature can make your site a subscription only access site. All the important information about a listing can be kept within the listing details page. You can use the site subscriptions feature provided by subscription based price plans to charge to see any of that information. And note by controlling access to the listing details page by subscription the contact seller feature can't be used without a subscription also.

The basic process is that a listing is placed. Within that listing is the information you want to charge subscriptin access to. The browsing client still has access to the category browsing feature and so make sure you only expose non pertinent information there. You can display enough information to get the client interested if you like though. For the browsing client to see any listing details pages they must register and purchase a subscription through their client area. You can even push them directly to the "purchase subscription process" after a successful registrations. Once they have purchased a subscription they can see the any listing details page and contact the seller of listings they are interested in. They cannot contact any sellers in the site until they purchase a subscription though.

With this feature you can charge all the same way whether they are placing a listing or just wanting to view listings. Or you can charge those that want to place a listing but have no access to view listings. The point being the ones viewing listings and those placing listings may have very different needs with their interaction with the site and so can be charged differently.

This feature plays prominently in resume posting sites. You could place all those that simply want to upload their resume in a user group that either charges a fee or nothing to upload their resume. Then you could create a separate user group for employers that want to access to those uploaded resumes. That's just one configuration. This feature can open up new avenues of revenue streams depending on your needs.