Access Controls

Hide Fields without Login
You can choose to hide specific listing data from those that do not register and log into your site. This provides more incentive to create a user in the system. Coupled with optional admin registration approval you can hide specific lisitng data from all except the registrants you personally approve into the site.
Account Verification System
One of the features of the account verification system is that you can set it so that all listings not placed by a verified account will require admin approval. You can even require a verified account before a user can place a listing and more.
Hide Listing Details Without Login
This stops any clients from getting into the listing details page if they are not logged in. This feature essentially forces registration into the site to see the details of any listing as you need to register to log into the site.
User Group Specific Field Configurations
This allows you to have different field configurations based on user groups. This allows clients within specific user groups the ability to have access and if you set it up to be the only ones that can view those specific fields.
Hide Listing Details Without Current Subscription
This feature stops any clients access to the listing details page if they do not have a current subscription attached to their account. This feature can turn your site into subscription access site.