Inventory Item Listings

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Auctions Software
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classified Software
Allow clients to sell individual items of a quantity to individual buyers.....

Inventory Listing Feature Highlights

  • NO BIDDING involved
  • Attached to auction feature
  • Each item of quantity can be sold separately
  • Feedback functionality included
  • "Bid" listed in my bid page for convenience
  • Can work with buyer to seller paypal link
  • Ability to place on price plan basis
  • Can force all auctions to be this type effectively removing basic auctions
  • Or leave just as a choice for seller
  • Can charge final or closing fees

While this feature may mention auctions within it there is no bidding like within an auction. Many clients use this feature for the almost like shopping cart functionality and scrap any mention of "auctions" within the feature. One configuration for this is where our clients purchase the GeoCore Max version of the software and have simple classifieds through the classifieds feature but for all "auctions" to be "buy now/inventory items only". They simply relabel the "buy now/inventory item auction" to "classifieds buy now". So they would have a standard classifieds listing and a "shopping cart classified" or "item selling listing" listing types within their sites. Of course this can simply be an option to the auction type. Where the person placing an auction can choose the auction they are placing to be a "inventory item listing" where no bidding would take place.

The basic process is that a listing is placed. Within that listing there will only be a "buy/buy now" link and no "make bid" link. The buyer clicks the buy button and chooses the quantity they wish to buy. The buyer then pays the seller. Both the seller and the buyer can then leave feedback for each other in the transaction. Since there can be mulitple buyers per listing there can be mulitple feedback between the different buyers and the one seller.

This feature also can work in conjunction with the buyer to seller gateway. For this to work you as the admin need to have that feature on. The seller needs to have inserted their paypal account email within their account details. And when placing the listing the seller checked to use that feature the buyer would be presented with a paypal link to pay the seller through their paypal account within the successful bid page. If the buyer fails to click that link they will see the link also in their "my current bids" admin tool.

You as the admin can force all auctions to be "buy now/inventory item listings" within the admin tool. You can control this ability on a user group/price plan basis or site wide. Which ever you need. Or you can simply allow this as a choice within the auction for the seller to choose or not. This feature can be turned off site wide with the same control.

And of course another reason this feature is attached to the auction feature is that you can charge final or closing fees.