This file is a technical summary of changes in the Geodesic Solutions Classifieds and Auctions software. Each entry will link to the corresponding bug found in Bugzilla on our website (You will need current support contract to view, more info here). You can find release highlights on

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7.6.0 (August 21, 2015)


486 - Admin can now purge (mass delete) those users who have not logged in since a given date
1140 - Browsing Filters are now sortable
1523 - SEO: Allow displaying the parent category name as part of rewritten URLs
1547 - Added more details to the admin's Listing Placed email notification
1552 - Change default display order of orders displayed within order management tool to newest orders first
1561 - Free Storefronts for all in a price plan
1562 - Share Final Fees percentage paid to site with other users chosen within the system
1563 - default to using "mysqli" database engine instead of "mysql"
1568 - Change display order in My Current Bids to order by time of bid made
1572 - Add "bump" or start time reset for currently live listings
1575 - The Title Module may now have category-specific values
1576 - Category Icon images may now be given "alt" text values
1577 - SEO: Each category may now have a custom name for use specifically in rewritten URLs
1581 - Image captions will now be used to populate image "alt" data on the Listing Details page
1584 - Remove multiple instances of H1 tag from individual pages throughout software
1586 - Add ability to display selected language within title module for pages in the system
1591 - New Payment Gateway: CommWeb VPC - Sponsored
1592 - AdPlotter: allow admin to select a default User Group for users registered via the AdPlotter API
1593 - AdPlotter: created separate text for "listing successful" email sent when an API listing is created
1596 - Bulk Uploader: Multi-Part uploads may now be terminated before they have run their complete course

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


1560 - internal listing filters (such as language selection) will now function on page 2+ of paginated modules
1564 - restored lightbox image handlers after changing pages on paginated modules
1565 - Corrected "new messages" stat in My Account Home to not count deleted messages
1566 - Removed extraneous/empty Cost Options that could appear during listing renewal
1569 - Fixed a couple of odd interactions between auction bidding and unlimited-duration listings
1573 - Added CDATA tags to RSS title so that it doesn't break on special characters
1574 - Add filters to RSS and other feeds to "clean" titles/descriptions of accented characters
1580 - Region data shown in Contact Seller emails will now correctly use the region of the sender instead of the receiver
1582 - Social Connect: Update Facebook Login to work with Facebook API v2.4
1583 - Fixed certain links not working when running under a non-standard port
1590 - Added some more polish to icons used for non-image file uploads
1594 - Corrected an error case when 2checkout returns data on GET instead of POST
1595 - images will no longer overflow their containers in gallery browsing on small screen widths
1567 - Storefront: corrected a case where the login page could appear with no style information
1571 - Update to new payment URLs

[Template Changes]

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