This file is a technical summary of changes in the Geodesic Solutions Classifieds and Auctions software. Each entry will link to the corresponding bug found in Bugzilla on our website (You will need current support contract to view, more info here). You can find release highlights on

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7.3.0 (October 11, 2013)


253 - Create way to use alternate "mobile" template set built into the template set loading system - Sponsored
254 - Change default template set to use Responsive Web Design (mobile friendly / fluid / modular design) - Sponsored
899 - Optimize how CSS / JS is loaded automatically
900 - Add ability to auto-load certain CSS in the {header_html} for every page
901 - Show side-by-side CSS files when editing CSS in admin panel
939 - Add {footer_html} and change {header_html} to {head_html} for consistency
161 - Allow setting region and zip distance checks in My Listing Filters
853 - Show more information on the bidding pages
862 - Re-do the file upload (image upload) to use HTML5 upload
876 - Geographic Navigation: Only show regions that have at least one listing
878 - Able to hide region selections for "empty" regions, on advanced search page
879 - New Payment Gateway: eProcessing Network (via emulation) - Sponsored
884 - Hide links to listings that are marked "sold", when browsing or searching - Sponsored
893 - Change default order of media items, images first
902 - Do not auto-load order items / gateway files that do not end in .php
930 - Fix min requirements for optimizer not working on PHP 5.3+
938 - Make file search also search external folder
940 - Remove all references to the old "field filters"
943 - Twitter Feed: updated addon to support Twitter API v1.1
945 - Update 3rd party libraries jQuery, jQuery-UI, and html5shiv to latest version
946 - Update 3rd party library Smarty to latest version
948 - Use "autocomplete=off" in edit user info page
950 - Create a "Getting Started" checklist of common configuration items for new sites
958 - Add extra failsafe check for Paypal IPN validation
959 - Geographic Navigation: Add noindex to page when resetting the region (when region=0 is in the URL)
962 - Update Software Hook User_management_information_display_user_data
963 - Change to hook registration_add_field_display usage
968 - Notices for final fees sent to seller - Sponsored
969 - Add pending final fee information to the admin panel - Sponsored
975 - Add "max failed payments" setting to Paypal Pro recurring billing
1004 - Add option to remove post currency from showing
1010 - Sponsored: Add functionality to Revenue Reports - Sponsored
1015 - Stop using "nofollow" for sorted browsing
1019 - Record transaction ID for Paypal Pro payments
1025 - Make listing alerts use e-mail queue to send e-mails
1030 - Charity Tools: Add ability to group Charitable Badges by zipcode
1034 - Add an option to force all auctions to have a quantity of 1
1037 - Bulk Uploader: add support for "price applies to item" on multiple-quantity auctions
1038 - Remove stand-alone html5shiv, now included with Modernizr

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


964 - Final fees to not get calculated properly with new inventory items feature (buy now only auctions)
1048 - Geographic Navigation: Fixed a possible infinite redirect related to the IP locator functionality
942 - Core Display: Browsing Filters: don't initialize geoCalendar unless/until it's needed
951 - Enterprise Pricing: auction price plans don't properly expire into other plans when set to do so
952 - Listing edit allows removing required regions beyond the first level
953 - Charity Tools: Corrected "all regions" Charitable Badges not appearing when a region was selected
960 - SEO: rewritten listing links in emails sometimes use https when they should not
961 - deleting an Image order item from the cart doesn't fully remove associated images from the listing
967 - Storefront: storefront link doesn't appear in modules, even when turned on to do so.
970 - Fields are sometimes not required when they should be, during new auction placement
971 - Feedback does not work properly with inventory items (buy now only with quantity)
972 - Paypal pay now button not showing for inventory items (buy now only with multiple items)
973 - iPhone App: categories appear twice (or more) in the selector for some sites
974 - fatal error when editing a listing with an expired subscription
988 - lengthy registration optional fields are truncated during registration verification
994 - Core Display: Browsing Filters missing support for "number" and "date"-type fields
997 - Social Connect: Country data not populated for users created via Facebook
998 - Improve handling of Final Fees for Reverse Auctions
999 - Core Display: Browsing Filters do not correctly filter Auction prices
1000 - Strip HTML from description before showing in My Active Listings > Listings Awaiting Approval
1001 - filename missing from seller rating link
1002 - Core Display: Browsing Filters: show filters even when there are no listings remaining
1003 - Problem moving items to client cart in create order page in admin
1006 - Core Display: Browsing Filters: show category-specific options from the correct language
1009 - Update PayPal Pro sandbox URL
1017 - Oodle Feed missing state and country data
1020 - currency type lost during listing edit
1021 - Feedback removed if listing is removed by seller
1023 - Bulk Uploader: Corrected a bug that could prevent Youtube videos from appearing correctly
1028 - Multi-level field labels do not show use alternate languages during listing placement
1029 - Geographic Navigation: removed some links to pages that don't exist
1035 - Bulk Uploader: uploaded listings can't be purchased with "buy now"
1041 - Error when processing Payment Express payments
1046 - Removed some extra data that should not have been appearing in outbid notification emails
1049 - Copying a category's subcategories into one of its subcategories can result in infinitely-nested categories
916 - Specify correct content-type headers for AJAX to work better with server-level auto-minify
944 - Sharing: html-escape description in Facebook OG tag
949 - Copy / Move of multi-level fields is blocked sometimes when when it shouldn't be
954 - Missing link on My Expired Listings page for expired auctions details view
956 - Clarify that a couple of admin image upload settings are only valid for certain display modes
957 - module listing type column relies on an admin setting that doesn't exist.
965 - Gives the "login invalid" message when account is banned
1018 - When combined listing placement steps, date fields lack date picker
955 - Hide "Edit" button on listing details for closed auctions
1012 - listing title variable is only available to "completed auction" emails for successful auctions

[Template Changes]

Reference Purposes Only: Like the rest of this changelog, the template changes below are for reference purposes only, not (necessarily) a list of changes everyone needs to follow. Refer to the full update instructions to find if you need to make any template changes during an update.


Note the following about highlighted lines you will see in this section.

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  1. New file added: external/css/default.css
  2. File Removed: external/css/module/category_browsing_options.css
  3. File Removed: external/css/module/my_account_links.css
  4. New file added: external/css/normalize.css
  5. New file added: external/css/old_ie.css
  6. File Removed: external/css/primary_theme_styles.css
  7. File Removed: external/css/secondary_theme_styles.css
  8. File Removed: external/css/system/other/message_box.css
  9. File Removed: external/css/theme_styles.css
  10. In file external/jquery-ui/jquery-ui.min.css

  11. In file external/js/gjmain.js

  12. In file external/js/listing_placement.js

  13. In file external/js/main.js

  14. In file external/js/plugins/_tpl.js

  15. In file external/js/plugins/imageFade.js

  16. In file external/js/plugins/lightbox.js

  17. New file added: external/js/plugins/progress.js
  18. In file external/js/plugins/simpleCarousel.js

  19. In file external/js/plugins/utility.js

  20. File Removed: external/js/system/order_items/images/handlers.js
  21. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/clean_categories.tpl

  22. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/showcase.tpl

  23. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/traditional.tpl

  24. In file main_page/basic_page.tpl

  25. In file main_page/browsing_sub/featured_gallery.tpl

  26. In file main_page/browsing_sub/gallery.tpl

  27. In file main_page/browsing_sub/list.tpl

  28. In file main_page/browsing_sub/show_all_fields/gallery.tpl

  29. In file main_page/browsing_sub/show_all_fields/list.tpl

  30. In file main_page/cart_page.tpl

  31. New file added: main_page/category_page.tpl
  32. In file main_page/extra_pages/contact_us.tpl

  33. In file main_page/extra_pages/help.tpl

  34. In file main_page/extra_pages/how_it_works.tpl

  35. In file main_page/extra_pages/pricing.tpl

  36. In file main_page/extra_pages/seller_buyer_features.tpl

  37. In file main_page/footer.tpl

  38. In file main_page/front_page.tpl

  39. File Removed: main_page/head.tpl
  40. New file added: main_page/head_common.tpl
  41. In file main_page/header.tpl

  42. New file added: main_page/layout-1-column.tpl
  43. New file added: main_page/layout-2-column.tpl
  44. New file added: main_page/layout-3-column.tpl
  45. In file main_page/listing_auction.tpl

  46. In file main_page/listing_auction_printer_friendly.tpl

  47. In file main_page/listing_classified.tpl

  48. In file main_page/listing_classified_printer_friendly.tpl

  49. New file added: main_page/listing_page.tpl
  50. In file main_page/login_page.tpl

  51. In file main_page/printable_flyer.tpl

  52. In file main_page/printable_sign.tpl

  53. In file main_page/tag_page.tpl

  54. In file main_page/user_management_page.tpl

  55. In file module/my_account_links.tpl

  56. In file module/shared/category_navigation.tpl

  57. In file module/shared/category_tree.tpl

  58. In file module/tag_search.tpl

  59. In file system/auctions/bidding/bid_setup.tpl

  60. In file system/auctions/feedback/feedback_about_user.tpl

  61. In file system/browsing/common/category_block.tpl

  62. New file added: system/browsing/common/category_breadcrumb.tpl
  63. In file system/browsing/common/gallery_view.tpl

  64. In file system/browsing/full_images.tpl

  65. In file system/cart/cart_steps.tpl

  66. In file system/cart/display_cart/item.tpl

  67. In file system/cart/display_cart/new_buttons_box.tpl

  68. In file system/cart/inline_preview_box.tpl

  69. In file system/cart/payment_choices/index.tpl

  70. In file system/classes/Region/ajax_region_select.tpl

  71. In file system/classes/Region/billing_country_selector.tpl

  72. In file system/emails/auctions/auction_bid_data.tpl

  73. In file system/emails/filter_matched.tpl

  74. New file added: system/emails/final_fees_due_reminder.tpl
  75. New file added: system/listing_details/category_breadcrumb.tpl
  76. In file system/listing_details/extra_checkbox_name.tpl

  77. In file system/listing_details/image_block/gallery.tpl

  78. In file system/listing_details/offsite_videos_block.tpl

  79. In file system/listing_details/seller_rating.tpl

  80. In file system/order_items/additional_regions/details_collection.tpl

  81. File Removed: system/order_items/images/display_images.tpl
  82. New file added: system/order_items/images/head.js.tpl
  83. File Removed: system/order_items/images/image_box.tpl
  84. File Removed: system/order_items/images/images_captured_box.tpl
  85. File Removed: system/order_items/images/legacy_form.tpl
  86. New file added: system/order_items/images/preview.tpl
  87. New file added: system/order_items/images/upload.tpl
  88. File Removed: system/order_items/images/upload_images.tpl
  89. File Removed: system/order_items/images/upload_images_head.tpl
  90. In file system/order_items/offsite_videos/upload_videos.tpl

  91. In file system/order_items/shared/details_description_box.tpl

  92. In file system/order_items/shared/listing_collect_details.tpl

  93. In file system/order_items/shared/postcurrency_dropdown.tpl

  94. File Removed: system/other/ajax_autocomplete_choices.tpl
  95. In file system/other/help_popup.tpl

  96. In file system/payment_gateways/seller_buyer/paypal/user_details.tpl

  97. In file system/payment_gateways/shared/payment_details.cc_form.tpl

  98. In file system/search_class/details_form.tpl

  99. In file system/search_class/utils/zipsearch_by_location.tpl

  100. In file system/tinymce.tpl

  101. In file system/user_management/ad_filters/add_filter_form.tpl

  102. In file system/user_management/ad_filters/display_all_filters.tpl

  103. In file system/user_management/current_ads/list.tpl

  104. In file system/user_management/information/cancel_subscription.tpl

  105. In file system/user_management/information/edit_user_form.tpl

  106. In file system/user_management/list_bids/auctions_with_users_bid.tpl

7.3.1 (October 22, 2013)


1022 - Add client-side image re-sizing to automatically re-size images before upload
1053 - Add new parameters to api and make it order results by date - Sponsored
1057 - Show additional regions in admin listing details page
1059 - Add minimal social links to default footer

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


1052 - Changing image order by changing sort number does not work
1060 - region selector dropdown boxes missing CSS styles
1062 - Problems with the image uploader in IE9, plus issues with ie11
1064 - Addon Pedigree Tree: Missing CSS on combined step
1051 - Edit image title, and submit form directly, causes error to flash
1054 - Tooltips (?) break on listing details combined listing placement
1056 - Show additional regions tag skips first additional region
1058 - "empty item" does not appear in RSS feed when configured to do so
1061 - css tweak for "previous/next" buttons on listing details
1065 - Distance listed in search results wrong when search distance is 0

[Template Changes]

Reference Purposes Only: Like the rest of this changelog, the template changes below are for reference purposes only, not (necessarily) a list of changes everyone needs to follow. Refer to the full update instructions to find if you need to make any template changes during an update.


Note the following about highlighted lines you will see in this section.

This is a line that has been Added
This is a line that has been Removed
This is a line that has not changed.
  1. In file external/css/default.css

  2. In file external/js/gjmain.js

  3. In file external/js/listing_placement.js

  4. In file external/js/plugins/lightbox.js

  5. In file external/js/plugins/progress.js

  6. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/traditional.tpl

  7. In file main_page/footer.tpl

  8. In file main_page/header.tpl

  9. In file system/ListingFeed/rss_listings.tpl

  10. In file system/classes/Region/ajax_region_select.tpl

  11. In file system/classes/Region/ajax_region_select_main.tpl

  12. In file system/listing_details/additional_region_trees.tpl

  13. In file system/order_items/images/head.js.tpl

7.3.2 (December 13, 2013)


1073 - Stop it from showing site in mobile view using IE11 running in IE8 mode
1080 - Use getting started checklist as home page
1110 - Canonical URL listing tag
1114 - Bridge: vBulletin bridge does not sync password reset (forgot password)

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


1079 - Social Connect Addon: Suspended user can log in using facebook
1077 - Site Error when changing frequency setting of My Listing Filters
1078 - admin can't edit un-hashed user passwords
1085 - Core Display: Browsing Filters: calendar inputs don't work
1086 - Storefront: wysiwyg page editor doesn't expand to proper height in some cases
1097 - columns display incorrectly on multi-step category selection page
1100 - Verify bid amount total incorrect for standard auctions
1101 - fixed a very rare case where a registration optional prevalued dropdown could appear as a textarea on the registration form
1102 - Sharing: My Account > sharing page doesn't work when using footer-js
1103 - Twitter Feed: admin link/border color options have no effect
1107 - When editing listing, edit image, title change is live instantly and display order change not work
1111 - listing details extra question display doesn't play nice with RWD
1112 - Dutch auctions use incorrect data for "number of bids" column in My Active Listings
1113 - Problems in combined listing placement, if an entire step depends on category
1069 - print-friendly page shows HTML for "sold" icon in title
1075 - Move offsite video CSS into default.css so that it is controlled by color t-sets
1076 - Attention Getters - can break combined listing placement when disabled site-wide
1081 - Stop google API from being used with option to combine libraries
1083 - Aspect ratio is skewed when image resized to fit in column
1084 - Search checkbox selections missing CSS
1090 - Description box is very small on listing details in admin panel
1099 - Old calendar date icons still present in admin panel
1105 - Do not use "blob123" as title for images

[Template Changes]

Reference Purposes Only: Like the rest of this changelog, the template changes below are for reference purposes only, not (necessarily) a list of changes everyone needs to follow. Refer to the full update instructions to find if you need to make any template changes during an update.


Note the following about highlighted lines you will see in this section.

This is a line that has been Added
This is a line that has been Removed
This is a line that has not changed.
  1. In file external/css/default.css

  2. In file external/css/old_ie.css

  3. File Removed: external/css/system/order_items/images/upload_images.css
  4. File Removed: external/css/system/order_items/offsite_videos/upload_videos.css
  5. In file external/js/gjmain.js

  6. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/clean_categories.tpl

  7. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/showcase.tpl

  8. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/traditional.tpl

  9. In file main_page/basic_page.tpl

  10. In file main_page/cart_page.tpl

  11. In file main_page/category_page.tpl

  12. New file added: main_page/extra_pages/device_demo.tpl
  13. In file main_page/front_page.tpl

  14. In file main_page/layout-1-column.tpl

  15. In file main_page/layout-2-column.tpl

  16. In file main_page/layout-3-column.tpl

  17. In file main_page/listing_auction.tpl

  18. In file main_page/listing_auction_printer_friendly.tpl

  19. In file main_page/listing_classified.tpl

  20. In file main_page/listing_classified_printer_friendly.tpl

  21. In file main_page/listing_page.tpl