This file is a technical summary of changes in the Geodesic Solutions Classifieds and Auctions software. Each entry will link to the corresponding bug found in Bugzilla on our website (You will need current support contract to view, more info here). You can find release highlights on

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7.1.0 (February 14, 2013)


405 - Multiple Geographic regions set per listing - Sponsored
441 - Add new "gallery" and "list" browsing options, along side the "current" grid view
535 - Add new jQuery gallery listing carousel, to allow "cycling through" rows of listings displayed in gallery format
577 - Add new {listing} tag for use in listing details and new browsing sub-templates
9 - Add browsing filters, displayed when browsing the site - Sponsored
145 - Start the switch to use JQuery instead of Prototype/Scriptaculous
549 - Add "Multi-Level Fields", AKA Multi-level dropdown value fields - Sponsored
561 - Switch to HTML 5 instead of XHTML 1.1 for default templates and future functionality
623 - Add custom line item "admin fee" during "create order" process
722 - Default templates get a face lift, pretty drastic changes to better utilize some of the other new features
332 - Add "renew link" to e-mail notification saying listing will expire soon
396 - In "Active Listings", in "statistics" column, show how many have favorited the listing
452 - Zipsearch: allow formatting distances in search results
453 - trim whitespace from inputs on login form
552 - Add reserve NOT met icon ability - Sponsored
562 - Add placeholder text to quick search box 1 module - Sponsored
566 - Add new listing tag for "current high bid"
601 - Update 3rd party library CodeMirror to latest version 3.02
602 - Update 3rd party library Smarty Template Engine to latest version (3.1.13)
604 - Admin search text results - link to text page
606 - Move settings out of BETA settings page
611 - Listing icons get their own field to use setting for whether to display in certain places
628 - Add option to require "verification" before a user can bid on auctions - Sponsored
631 - Add a link back to "My Account" to the bottom of the Store CP pages
638 - Create new Statistics addon that displays simple info about the site - Sponsored
641 - Create new built-in tag for "addon hooks" within templates, like {addon type='core' tag='tag_name'}
644 - Add settings for Codemirror to allow some customization
645 - Use geographic navigation sub-domain in e-mail link - Sponsored
646 - Account for "pending" tokens when allowing token to be used
655 - Make listing URLs shown in emails use the appropriate subdomains (for the rest of the notification e-mails)
665 - update invoice display to use new date setting
673 - When using the must_have_subscription_to_view_ad_detail beta feature still allow admin to view the listing when logged into client side
681 - Tag to show number of images or videos on a listing
684 - Move featured results to be above listing tabs
687 - Able to divide addon text into sections
688 - Don't show postcurrency dropdown when placing listing if only single choice
689 - Need to update prototype JS to latest version 1.7.1
690 - Extend the contact us addon to allow pre-filling for reporting abuse
695 - Add CSS class to titles for "my account"
696 - Storefront: modify default logo sizes for List Stores page
700 - Make title more obvious that can click on it on order complete
701 - Bulk Uploader: allow listings to display the "no images" icon if they're uploaded with bad image URLs
703 - Do not allow placing listings by the main admin user
704 - prevent caching of css/js resources across software updates
709 - Allow automatically setting visitors' Regions based on IP (Experimental) - Sponsored
711 - make raw image url available to slideshow template
713 - Ability to use alternate methods for hashing passwords
719 - No notifications sent when recurring payment received
724 - new core event: prevent_new_listing
725 - add site url to revenue report header
731 - Sharing: improve W3C compliance
732 - Sharing: add switches to enable/disable specific networks from the admin
733 - Update version of TinyMCE (3rd party library for WYSIWYG editor) version 3.5.8

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


720 - Paypal changes required for IPN validation
651 - PaymentExpress gateway integration out of date
620 - "You have been outbid" emails not sent in some cases
685 - Payments/Revenue Reports Dates Skipping
691 - Runaway loop when parent region selected within a region based search result page
702 - region selector placeholder boxes out of alignment when building down
705 - mobile api: apps should use minimum_bid instead of current_bid for auction "price" fields
712 - don't save "registration" data to listings when corresponding fields are disabled
721 - Buy now sometimes shows price of 0 when browsing
723 - Geographic Navigation: Don't show "use legacy URLs" setting for sites it doesn't apply to
726 - featured listing pics page settings can't be set above 1
728 - restored functionality of featured_ad_page_count setting
729 - JIT registration doesn't populate Region data
734 - Cancel and start ... action in the cart sometimes bleeds properties from the original order item
735 - Storefront: overzealous escaping in Page edit
380 - File operations with windows TMP folder on different drive
512 - Category links to the "top category" or main category cause duplicate content
618 - Support for deprecated php5_mode dropped in addon info class
634 - Automatically remove spaces from email address input box
682 - Fullscreen button shows on youtube videos but does not work
694 - During listing placement, sometimes shows empty rows
699 - E-mail fields are different length on registration page
717 - Forgot password sends e-mail even when password is blank
657 - Remove legacy fields from SQL snapshot that are no longer used

[Template Changes]

Reference Purposes Only: Like the rest of this changelog, the template changes below are for reference purposes only, not (necessarily) a list of changes everyone needs to follow. Refer to the full update instructions to find if you need to make any template changes during an update.


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  1. In file external/css/primary_theme_styles.css

  2. In file external/css/secondary_theme_styles.css

  3. New file added: external/css/system/order_items/shared/leveled_fields.css
  4. In file external/css/theme_styles.css

  5. New file added: external/js/gjmain.js
  6. In file external/js/main.js

  7. New file added: external/js/plugins/_tpl.js
  8. New file added: external/js/plugins/imageFade.js
  9. New file added: external/js/plugins/lightbox.js
  10. New file added: external/js/plugins/simpleCarousel.js
  11. New file added: external/js/plugins/utility.js
  12. In file external/js/system/order_items/images/handlers.js

  13. New file added: main_page/alternate_front_pages/clean_categories.tpl
  14. New file added: main_page/alternate_front_pages/showcase.tpl
  15. New file added: main_page/alternate_front_pages/traditional.tpl
  16. New file added: main_page/browsing_sub/featured_gallery.tpl
  17. New file added: main_page/browsing_sub/gallery.tpl
  18. New file added: main_page/browsing_sub/grid.tpl
  19. New file added: main_page/browsing_sub/list.tpl
  20. New file added: main_page/browsing_sub/show_all_fields/gallery.tpl
  21. New file added: main_page/browsing_sub/show_all_fields/list.tpl
  22. In file main_page/extra_pages/help.tpl

  23. In file main_page/footer.tpl

  24. In file main_page/front_page.tpl

  25. File Removed: main_page/front_page_old.tpl
  26. In file main_page/gadgets/mortgage_calculator.tpl

  27. In file main_page/head.tpl

  28. In file main_page/header.tpl

  29. In file main_page/listing_auction.tpl

  30. In file main_page/listing_auction_printer_friendly.tpl

  31. In file main_page/listing_classified.tpl

  32. In file main_page/listing_classified_printer_friendly.tpl

  33. In file main_page/printable_flyer.tpl

  34. In file main_page/printable_sign.tpl

  35. In file module/module_search_box_1.tpl

  36. In file module/shared/browsing.tpl

  37. In file module/shared/browsing_pic.tpl

  38. In file module/shared/filters.tpl

  39. In file system/auctions/bidding/bid_history.tpl

  40. In file system/auctions/feedback/feedback_about_user.tpl

  41. In file system/auctions/feedback/list_open_feedback.tpl

  42. In file system/browsing/affiliate.tpl

  43. New file added: system/browsing/common/browse_mode_buttons.tpl
  44. In file system/browsing/common/category_block.tpl

  45. New file added: system/browsing/common/gallery_view.tpl
  46. New file added: system/browsing/common/grid_view.tpl
  47. New file added: system/browsing/common/list_view.tpl
  48. File Removed: system/browsing/common/listing_set.tpl
  49. New file added: system/browsing/common/popup_link.tpl
  50. In file system/browsing/featured_pic_ads.tpl

  51. In file system/browsing/featured_text_ads.tpl

  52. File Removed: system/browsing/listing_details/winning_dutch_bidders.tpl
  53. In file system/browsing/main.tpl

  54. In file system/browsing/newest_ads.tpl

  55. In file system/browsing/search.tpl

  56. In file system/browsing/sellers_other_ads.tpl

  57. In file system/browsing/tag.tpl

  58. File Removed: system/classes/Image/image_block_large.tpl
  59. File Removed: system/classes/Image/image_block_large_link.tpl
  60. In file system/classes/Pagination/pagination.tpl

  61. In file system/classes/Region/ajax_region_select.tpl

  62. In file system/classes/Region/ajax_region_select_main.tpl

  63. New file added: system/emails/custom_admin_fee_notice.tpl
  64. In file system/emails/listing/listings_expire_soon.tpl

  65. In file system/invoices/common/head.tpl

  66. In file system/invoices/common/invoice_body.tpl

  67. New file added: system/listing_details/additional_region_trees.tpl
  68. New file added: system/listing_details/all_region_trees.tpl
  69. New file added: system/listing_details/bid_history_link.tpl
  70. New file added: system/listing_details/buy_now_link.tpl
  71. New file added: system/listing_details/category_tree.tpl
  72. New file added: system/listing_details/favorites_link.tpl
  73. New file added: system/listing_details/feedback_link.tpl
  74. New file added: system/listing_details/full_images_link.tpl
  75. New file added: system/listing_details/high_bidder.tpl
  76. In file system/listing_details/image_block/classic.tpl

  77. In file system/listing_details/image_block/filmstrip.tpl

  78. In file system/listing_details/image_block/gallery.tpl

  79. New file added: system/listing_details/image_block/index.tpl
  80. New file added: system/listing_details/image_block_large.tpl
  81. New file added: system/listing_details/image_block_large_link.tpl
  82. New file added: system/listing_details/image_slideshow_link.tpl
  83. New file added: system/listing_details/lead_picture.tpl
  84. New file added: system/listing_details/make_bid_link.tpl
  85. New file added: system/listing_details/mapping_link.tpl
  86. New file added: system/listing_details/mapping_link_alternate.tpl
  87. New file added: system/listing_details/message_to_seller_link.tpl
  88. New file added: system/listing_details/multi_level_field_breadcrumb.tpl
  89. New file added: system/listing_details/multi_level_field_ul.tpl
  90. New file added: system/listing_details/next_ad_link.tpl
  91. New file added: system/listing_details/notify_friend_link.tpl
  92. New file added: system/listing_details/number_images.tpl
  93. New file added: system/listing_details/number_listing_tags.tpl
  94. New file added: system/listing_details/number_videos.tpl
  95. In file system/listing_details/offsite_videos_block.tpl

  96. New file added: system/listing_details/on_site_purchase_link.tpl
  97. New file added: system/listing_details/previous_ad_link.tpl
  98. New file added: system/listing_details/primary_region_tree.tpl
  99. New file added: system/listing_details/print_friendly_link.tpl
  100. New file added: system/listing_details/seller.tpl
  101. New file added: system/listing_details/seller_number_rates.tpl
  102. New file added: system/listing_details/seller_rating.tpl
  103. New file added: system/listing_details/sellers_other_ads_link.tpl
  104. New file added: system/listing_details/show_ad_vote_comments_link.tpl
  105. New file added: system/listing_details/sponsored_by.tpl
  106. New file added: system/listing_details/time_remaining.tpl
  107. New file added: system/listing_details/url_link_1.tpl
  108. New file added: system/listing_details/url_link_2.tpl
  109. New file added: system/listing_details/url_link_3.tpl
  110. New file added: system/listing_details/vote_on_ad_link.tpl
  111. New file added: system/listing_details/winning_dutch_bidders.tpl
  112. New file added: system/order_items/additional_regions/details_collection.tpl
  113. New file added: system/order_items/additional_regions/other_details.item_box.tpl
  114. In file system/order_items/images/legacy_form.tpl

  115. In file system/order_items/images/upload_images_head.tpl

  116. In file system/order_items/shared/category_choose.tpl

  117. New file added: system/order_items/shared/leveled_fields/level.tpl
  118. New file added: system/order_items/shared/leveled_fields/main.tpl
  119. In file system/order_items/shared/listing_collect_details.tpl

  120. New file added: system/order_items/shared/listing_collect_more.tpl
  121. In file system/order_items/shared/postcurrency_dropdown.tpl

  122. In file system/other/ajax_searchQuestions.tpl

  123. In file system/other/choose_language_form.tpl

  124. In file system/other/lightbox_slideshow.tpl

  125. In file system/registration/registration_form.tpl

  126. In file system/search_class/details_form.tpl

  127. In file system/user_management/ad_filters/add_filter_form.tpl

  128. In file system/user_management/ad_filters/display_all_filters.tpl

  129. In file system/user_management/balance_transactions/list_transactions.tpl

  130. In file system/user_management/blacklist/blacklisted_buyers.tpl

  131. In file system/user_management/blacklist/search_form.tpl

  132. In file system/user_management/blacklist/search_results.tpl

  133. In file system/user_management/communications/communication_success.tpl

  134. In file system/user_management/communications/configuration_form.tpl

  135. In file system/user_management/communications/list_communications.tpl

  136. In file system/user_management/communications/send_communication_form.tpl

  137. In file system/user_management/communications/view_communication.tpl

  138. In file system/user_management/current_ads/list.tpl

  139. In file system/user_management/current_ads/verify_remove.tpl

  140. In file system/user_management/current_ads/verify_remove_success.tpl

  141. In file system/user_management/expired_ads/expired_ad_details.tpl

  142. In file system/user_management/expired_ads/list.tpl

  143. In file system/user_management/expired_ads/verify_remove.tpl

  144. In file system/user_management/favorites/display_all.tpl

  145. In file system/user_management/home/my_account_home.tpl

  146. In file system/user_management/information/cancel_subscription.tpl

  147. In file system/user_management/information/edit_user_form.tpl

  148. In file system/user_management/information/final_fee_table.tpl

  149. In file system/user_management/information/price_plan_info.tpl

  150. In file system/user_management/information/user_data.tpl

  151. In file system/user_management/list_bids/auctions_with_users_bid.tpl

  152. In file system/user_management/signs_fliers/browse_error.tpl

  153. In file system/user_management/whitelist/search_form.tpl

  154. In file system/user_management/whitelist/search_results.tpl

  155. In file system/user_management/whitelist/whitelisted_buyers.tpl

  156. In file system/voting/browse_votes.tpl

7.1.1 (February 25, 2013)


741 - Add high_bidder data available for the {listing} tag using array format

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


749 - Automatic cron heartbeat fails to load when page is viewed
737 - Print friendly listing detail templates need to be updated
739 - Not able to set default browse view to "grid" in settings
740 - Codemirror search/replace needs to be updated for new version
742 - Geographic Navigation: removed a potential infinite redirect loop
744 - fixed admin login-as-user
746 - Cache for modules needs to take into account smarty parameters
736 - Adjustments to the new default design are needed
738 - Searching by pre-valued dropdown can show more results than intended

[Template Changes]

Reference Purposes Only: Like the rest of this changelog, the template changes below are for reference purposes only, not (necessarily) a list of changes everyone needs to follow. Refer to the full update instructions to find if you need to make any template changes during an update.


Note the following about highlighted lines you will see in this section.

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This is a line that has not changed.
  1. In file external/css/theme_styles.css

  2. In file external/js/gjmain.js

  3. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/showcase.tpl

  4. In file main_page/browsing_sub/grid.tpl