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17.12.0 (December 29, 2017)


1835 - Made the credit card entry form behave a little more sanely when wrapping to new lines
1837 - Added an "admin note" for each user, allowing the admin to write a brief, private blurb about any user that won't be shown publicly
1838 - Bulk Uploader: added a switch to force processing only a single Revolving Inventory file at once
1842 - PHP 7.1 Compatibility (for real, this time)
1843 - Allow "friendly names" in admin email addresses

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


1817 - Fixed the email address of a user with communication set to "private" not being properly cloaked when initially sending a message to a seller
1831 - Fixed SMTP mail connection not using entered username/password
1832 - Restored missing "Change User Group" button to Category-Specific Fields to Use page
1833 - Fixed renewing a listing that was not previously Unlimited and giving it an Unlimited duration causing it to expire instantly
1836 - Geographic Navigation: Fixed display oddities caused by enabling the Breadcrumb display in the region selection nav area
1839 - Fixed image file path being incorrect if admin setting changed prior to a Listing Copy
1840 - Sharing: Shorten listing descriptions shared to Pinterest to 500 characters, which seems to be the max they can handle
1841 - Storefront: Add friendlier error message when contact form is given an invalid email address
1844 - Storefront: Hide a link into a user's storefront that is showing when it shouldn't
1845 - Storefront: fixed an issue that could make it difficult to disable "free" storefronts
1846 - Fixed Paypal Seller/Buyer info not behaving correctly during some Listing Edits
1848 - Fixed WYSIWYG editor adding extra code to partial-page templates, and removed branding
1849 - Google Maps Addons: Fixed maps to work better with Google's newer API, and cleaned up its admin settings
1847 - Fixed update user info's Apply to All Listings not updating user's URL

[Template Changes]

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