This file is a technical summary of changes in the Geodesic Solutions Classifieds and Auctions software. Each entry will link to the corresponding bug found in Bugzilla on our website (You will need current support contract to view, more info here). You can find release highlights on

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16.02.0 (February 01, 2016)


1658 - New Default Template Design
1131 - Add message about copying php.ini if ioncube fails during install or update
1646 - Sharing: new hi-res icons and a new way to show them
1655 - Add a "view edited listing" button to the Edit Success page

[Security Fixes]

1644 - Fix a case where database credentials could be exposed - Security


1635 - Resolved a Fatal Error triggered when editing an auction
1633 - AdPlotter: corrected an issue that would sometimes cause listings to appear in an incorrect region
1634 - geo_templates htaccess file misspelling
1636 - Cron jobs no longer ignore the deadlock admin setting
1637 - Improved reliability of send_new_listing_alert_emails cron when saving messages to the mail queue
1639 - Cleaned up a couple cases where email inputs were checked incorrectly
1640 - Fixed a bug that could sometimes allow an individual Cron task to execute twice in a single page load
1641 - Storefront: made it possible to disable Free For All storefronts once they have been turned on
1642 - GeoNav: improve cookie handling across subdomains
1645 - Fixed image previews being oriented incorrectly after rotating an image and then performing some other action, such adding another image
1647 - Fix error when searching users by listing expiration date within admin tool
1648 - Starting Tokens will now be properly awarded to a user created via Just-in-Time Registration, according to the appropriate User Group settings
1649 - Share Fees Addon: Fix message when no transactions to export
1651 - Fixed some rare bugs relating to the category dropdown module
1652 - Browsing Filters now handle date/calendar inputs correctly
1653 - Storefront: fixed an error that could make it impossible to save changes to Custom Pages
1654 - The "hide cents" price formatting setting will now function for prices of 0.00
1657 - Fixed auctions showing incorrect price fields when changing between auction types
1643 - Category Dropdown module will no longer redirect to a broken page under certain circumstances in IE/Edge

[Template Changes]

Reference Purposes Only: Like the rest of this changelog, the template changes below are for reference purposes only, not (necessarily) a list of changes everyone needs to follow. Refer to the full update instructions to find if you need to make any template changes during an update.


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  1. New file added: external/css/bootstrap.css
  2. In file external/css/default.css

  3. In file external/css/system/invoices/invoice_styles.css

  4. In file external/css/system/order_items/shared/leveled_fields.css

  5. In file external/css/system/user_management/my_account_home.css

  6. New file added: external/fonts/glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg
  7. New file added: external/js/bootstrap.min.js
  8. In file external/js/gjmain.js

  9. In file external/js/listing_placement.js

  10. In file external/js/main.js

  11. In file external/js/plugins/_tpl.js

  12. In file external/js/plugins/imageFade.js

  13. In file external/js/plugins/lightbox.js

  14. In file external/js/plugins/progress.js

  15. In file external/js/plugins/simpleCarousel.js

  16. In file external/js/plugins/tabs.js

  17. In file external/js/plugins/utility.js

  18. In file external/js/regions.js

  19. In file external/js/system/browsing/all_tab.js

  20. In file external/js/system/order_items/offsite_videos/upload_ajax.js

  21. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/clean_categories.tpl

  22. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/showcase.tpl

  23. In file main_page/alternate_front_pages/traditional.tpl

  24. In file main_page/basic_page.tpl

  25. In file main_page/browsing_sub/featured_gallery.tpl

  26. In file main_page/browsing_sub/gallery.tpl

  27. In file main_page/browsing_sub/grid.tpl

  28. In file main_page/browsing_sub/list.tpl

  29. In file main_page/cart_page.tpl

  30. In file main_page/category_page.tpl

  31. In file main_page/extra_pages/about_us.tpl

  32. In file main_page/extra_pages/advertise_with_us.tpl

  33. In file main_page/extra_pages/contact_us.tpl

  34. In file main_page/extra_pages/help.tpl

  35. In file main_page/extra_pages/how_it_works.tpl

  36. In file main_page/extra_pages/pricing.tpl

  37. In file main_page/extra_pages/privacy_policy.tpl

  38. New file added: main_page/extra_pages/storefront_help.tpl
  39. In file main_page/extra_pages/terms_and_conditions.tpl

  40. In file main_page/footer.tpl