Pedigree Tree Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
  • GeoProducts v5.2.0 or later
  • Windows Servers
  • Unix / Linux Servers
Multi-Tiered Pedigree Classifieds and Auctions...

Add On Highlights

  • Version 2.0.1
  • Ideal for Equine, Dog, Puppy, Cat, Livestock classified Ad or Auction Sites
  • Unlimited Generations
  • Easy to Read Format
  • Entries Searchable

The Pedigree Tree Add On offers you the ability for your sellers to enter pedigree information which is then displayed in a common, easy to understand, format for potential buyers. You can allow for as many generation levels as you want.

This Add On is ideal for equine, dog, puppy, cat, livestock related classifieds, directory and/or auction web sites, or really any sites that make use of a pedigree tree format.

Another great feature is that the data that your sellers enter will automatically become searchable on the site's search page. In fact, additional pedigree fields are automatically added to the search page when the pedigree addon is in use on your site. So, if your buyer knows the name of the horse they are searching for, they can enter that name into a search and pull up all of the matching results on your site.


These are the Pedigree Addon settings that you will use to manage the Pedigree Trees on your site. We give you several default icons to choose from depending upon your market. You can also easily upload your own. Set as many generations as you like.

The image below shows what the seller will see when they are entering their pedigree information during the listing process. This is how it will look if you are allowing "up to four" generations on your site.

The image below shows what the buyer will see when they are viewing the pedigree section of the seller's listing. This is how it will look if you are allowing "up to four" generations on your site. Note that the "sire" and "dam" text can be edited to whatever you want displayed. Also, each entry is searchable so that, when clicked, the software will conduct a site-wide search for that animal and produce search results wherever it finds that same animal within other pedigree tree listings on your site.

NOTE: If you are wanting to display more than four pedigree generations, the software will reformat the tree into more of a spreadsheet type layout in order to create space to dynamically generate additional pedigree generations.