Anonymous Listing Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
Sellers Can Create Listings in a Flash...

Add On Highlights

  • Version 1.5.1
  • Complete Seller Anonymity
  • No Registration Required
  • No Logging In Required
  • No Required Fields
  • Email Confirmation if Email Used
  • System Generated Password
  • Password Used to Edit Listing
  • Edit Category, Details, Photos
  • Unique Anonymous Listing Pricing

The Anonymous Listing Add On allows sellers to place listings without having to go through a registration process.

Placing an Anonymous Listing
If a user is logged in, the normal sell process “overrides” the anonymous listing processes. A logged in user cannot post a classified ad, auction, or directory listing anonymously, nor can they edit an existing classified ad, directory listing, or auction posted anonymously while they are logged in.

If a logged-out user chooses the create a new classified, directory listing, or auction option, the listing process will ensue as normal, with an added step near the end. After entering the details and images for the listing, the user is presented with a separate page showcasing a password generated by the system specifically for that listing. The seller must record that password for use as identification to edit the listing later (it will also be emailed to the seller, if they provided an email address during the listing process). The seller then clicks a "Continue to Checkout" link and proceeds with payment/checkout as normal.

Editing an Anonymous Listing
Once an anonymous classified ad, auction, or directory listing has been placed and approved, the seller (who has the password mentioned above) may edit it by clicking on the Edit button next to the listing while browsing. At this point they will be prompted for the password. Correctly entering the password will enable the edit listing process as normal for that listing.

Controlling Pricing of Anonymous Listings
In order to enable pricing control, the Anonymous Listing addon creates a “user” named "Anonymous" and makes use of that user “behind the scenes” to post all anonymous listings. Logging in to the site as the Anonymous user is not possible – it exists only to provide options for specific anonymous listings from within the Admin. Since all anonymous listings are attached to that user, the site admin may assign that Anonymous user to a User Group / Price Plan in order to set the prices of listings placed anonymously. This “user” is identified in Admin controls by the name “Anonymous.” This of course can be set to free if you do not want to charge.