Geographic Navigation Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
  • GeoProducts v5.1.0 or later
  • Windows Servers
  • Unix / Linux Servers
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Add On Highlights

  • Price: FREE!
  • Version 4.0.7
  • Regional Browsing
       (i.e. Country, State, City, etc.)
  • Unlimited Region Levels
  • Custom Regions
  • Localized Customer Searches
  • Craig's List Type Browsing

The Geographic Navigation Addon is a FREE Addon that allows the listings on your site to be “filtered” by region. Similar browsing is found on sites like OLX, Craigslist, Gumtree, and Kijiji. The default setting in our demo is for Country and State/Province. However, you can also set up unlimited sub-region levels if you like. What this means is that you can continue to use the default Countries and States/Provinces that are set up by default “and” enter your own cities for a 3rd level and continue on to enter a 4th and even more region levels, if you like. Or, you can choose not to use Countries and States/Provinces at all and instead use your own custom top-level regions and sub regions.

In fact, you aren't even limited specifically to geographical locations. For example, you could customize your levels so that they are set up for "schools" in your State or Province. You could have your top region as "States/Provinces", region level 2 as "Counties", and region level 3 as "Schools". It really depends upon the market you are after.

See it in Action on our LIVE DEMO
Select a Region

When the visitor selects a Region the page will automatically refresh and all listings and category counts on the page will automatically reset for that region only. At the same time, browser window URL bar will display the specified "subdomain" for that particular region. Note that the admin has to configure this first. Additionally, a breadcrumb will appear on the screen indicating the visitor's region selection. That breadcrumb will remain throughout the browsing process as long as a region is selected by the visitor:

Select Sub-Region

The visitor can then choose to select additional sub-regions and narrow their search even further if they like. You can offer as many levels of sub-regions as you want to set up. For example...

Country > State/Province > City > Etc.

Doing so, will have the same result with respect to the browser's URL bar and software's breadcrumb. Better yet, each region and subregion within the breadcrumb is now clickable to jump quickly between subregions:

Here is an example if you were to offer a third level, such as "city":

Change the Region Levels of this Add On

Would you rather not offer the "Country" selection? No problem. Make States/Provinces your highest level if you want to:

Other Ways to Use this Add On

One of the greatest features of this add on is that although it is called "Geographic Navigation Add On", you actually don't have to use any Geographic regions at all. That's because this Add On is really a "filter" and is completely independent from categories. So, each time a visitor selects a "region", the site "weeds out" the listings on the page and displays only the results for the currently set "filter". For example, instead of using all Geographic Regions, you could use a combination of "Geographic Regions" and "Schools", like so:

All Regions > County > School District

Therefore, your browsing could look as follows: