Listing Export Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
  • GeoProducts v5.2.0 or later
  • Windows Servers
  • Unix / Linux Servers
Export Listings Into Popular File Formats...

Add On Highlights

  • Version 3.1.3
  • Export Listings to .csv or .xml
  • Compatible with Print Applications
  • Export thousands of listings
  • Extensive Export Selection Criteria

The Listing Export Add On offers you, as the site administrator, the ability to search the database for classified ads, auctions , and listings and then export the desired results into either .csv or .xml format. These generic formats then can be imported into other applications such as applications used to generate print media. Print classifieds and directory publications are an example.

Once installed, the Listing Exporter has its own admin pages that offer you a variety of options to choose from when deciding exactly which classifieds, auctions, and/or listings you want to export.


The image below shows the first page of the Listing Exporter Add On:

The image below shows the second page of the Listing Exporter Add On: