Multi-Admin Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
  • GeoProducts v5.1.4 or later
  • Windows Servers
  • Unix / Linux Servers
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Add On Highlights

  • Version 2.2.3
  • Unlimited Admin Groups
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Unlimited Super Users
  • Admin Group Permissions
  • Admin User Permissions
  • Set Edit Only Pages
  • Set View Only Pages
  • Block an Entire Admin Section
  • Block Individual Admin Pages
  • Hide Merchant Account Info
  • Allow Design Only Access

The Multi-Admin Add On gives you the ability to create additional Admin Users and allow them to have permission-based access to the areas of your software's Admin Control Panel that you specify.

Once an Admin Group is created you can then assign any current registered user in the system as an Admin User. After a user is assigned to an Admin Group, you can then also specify certain access rights specifically for that user.

Multi Admin Advantages:

  • Create additional Super Users that have the same permissions as the main Admin User.
  • Create Admin Groups with Group Permissions.
  • Create Admin Users with default Group Permissions.
  • Add individual Admin User Permissions in addition to their Group Permissions.
  • Create Departments Heads who can create users for their departments with limited permissions.
  • Give ability for Admin Users to browse the site in order to 'edit' and 'delete' listings with questionable content.

Recommended Uses:

  • Set up Department Heads with restricted access to certain areas of the admin.
  • Give your html developer access only to areas of the admin panel necessary for site development.
  • Block Admin Users from being able to access areas that affect your site design and content.
  • Block viewing/editing of your sensitive information... PayPal, Credit Card Merchant Account information.
  • Give Admin User access for Listing Approvals only.
  • Give Admin User access for Registration Approvals only.


You have the ability to create any number of Admin Groups and assign Admin Users to those Groups. Each Admin Group can have its own specific permissions settings.

Click on a "Group Name" and you will see a page that allows you to set the view/edit permissions for all users that you will assign to this group.

Also create "Super Users" whose permissions are identical to the main Admin User.

This portion of the Permissions Settings allows you to specify entire sections or individual pages that you want to allow users in this Admin Group to have access to. Check "view" to allow viewing access to users of this Admin Group. Check "edit" to also allow these admin users the ability to submit changes.

This Add On was designed with the thought that you may want to create Department Heads, in which you can give them ability to also create Admin Users and apply permissions for those users. The process is set up to allow "department heads" to give access to any users that are "under" them, but is limited only to the pages that the department head user has access to themselves.

The image and bullets below explain how the Department Head scenario works:

( 1 ) Grant view and edit access to allow Admin User to view and create Admin Groups

( 2 ) Grant view and edit access to allow Admin User to edit any Admin Group's permissions. (They can only allow/deny permissions for pages that they have access to. Pre-existing Admin Group settings for pages or special permissions that the Admin User does not have access to are preserved.)

( 3 ) Grant view and edit access to allow user to delete Admin Groups (which moves any Admin Users that were using that Admin Group to Admin Group setting of "none".

( 4 ) Grant view and edit access to allow Admin User to view the list of Admin Users, and add new Admin Users. Will only be able to attach an Admin User to the same Admin Group that they are in.

( 5 ) Grant view and edit access to allow Admin User to edit another Admin User's permissions (or their own permissions). They can only allow/deny permissions for pages that they themselves have access to. Pre-existing settings for other Admin Users for pages or special permissions that the Admin User does not have access to are preserved.

( 6 ) Grant view and edit access to allow Admin User to remove an Admin User's admin rights. Use this wisely, as it will allow them to be able to completely remove all admin rights for other Admin Users.

To create an Admin User enter the 'username' of a user that is already registered in the software. Then, either select "None" or an Admin Group for that user from the dropdown box.

Each user's permissions will automatically default to the Admin Group that they fall under. Or, if you do not specify an Admin Group, that user will have no default permissions set.

Click on the Admin User's username to access their permissions page. This page allows you to specify permissions that are "in addition to" the Admin Group's permissions. Any changes you make to this page will override the User Group's permissions. This allows you to really customize the permissions on a user by user basis if you want to.