Bulk Uploader Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
  • GeoProducts v5.2.0 or later
  • Windows Servers
  • Unix / Linux Servers
Populate Your Site Quickly and Easily...

Add On Highlights

  • Version 3.1.6
  • Upload Multiple Listings From One File
  • Import Dealer Inventories
  • Upload Thousands of Listings at Once
  • Standard .csv File Format
  • Automatic Title Generation
  • Multiple Seller Listing Upload
  • Mass Deletion of Previous Upload
  • Revolving Inventory Uploads

The Bulk Uploader Add On allows you, as the site administrator, to upload mass quantities of classified ads or auctions on behalf of one or more sellers. All you need is an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file with the inventory to upload.

Once installed, the Bulk Uploader has its own series of admin pages which walk you through the upload process in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. If you make a mistake with the upload, or simply need to cancel and re-upload a new spreadsheet every couple of days, no problem. The bulk uploader maintains a history of recent uploads and allows you to simply "undo" an upload. All classified or auctions created by that upload are automatically removed from your site.

Bulk Uploader Advantages
The Bulk Uploader Add On is a great way for you to populate your site quickly if you have sellers with many items to post.

  • Select a user for uploading
  • Select a listing type (Classified Ads or Auctions) >> certain fields will populate depending upon your selection.
  • Specify the document's delimiter and encapsulation.
  • Ability to define field entries.
  • View the spreadsheet of items directly in your browser.
  • Select the Field Type for each column of the spreadsheet by selecting from drop down boxes.
  • Ability to dynamically create a Title for each item.
  • Specify General Fields, Optional Site Wide Fields, Category Specific Fields, URL references, Photos, etc.

Recommended Uses
There are many reasons why our customers choose to use the Bulk Uploader Add On. Here are just a few:

  • Realty agents can upload MLS data for property classifieds. The bulk uploader's "undo" feature allows you to "undo" a previous upload and then re-upload a new spreadsheet of data. This is especially important since MLS data changes on a frequent basis.
  • Automobile site owners can upload each dealer's inventory quickly and accurately. The dealer can then log in and remove their inventory as it is sold. Or, they can have the site administrator "undo" a previous inventory upload and then re-upload an updated inventory spreadsheet.
  • For even greater automation, use the Revolving Inventory feature: prepare an upload file once, and then simply modify a file on the server as inventory changes. Add, remove, or modify individual entries in the source file, and the corresponding listings automatically update on your site!
  • Any upload type that requires 10, 100, 1000 or more classified ad or auction entries.


The image below shows the first page of the Bulk Uploader Add On. The "File Information" step involves selecting your file to upload and setting the initial parameters for the file:

The image below shows the second page where you will the "Assign Fields" to your file. You will see all of the current fields/questions that have been previously set up in your software's admin panel for you site. Now, you will assign the fields (columns) in your file to match their respective questions in your admin. You can even reference the URLs of existing images anywhere on the web and the Bulk Uploader will automatically load them into the listings' images:

The next screen allows you to specify the "Listing Options" to be associated with each listing uploaded in the current Bulk Upload:

The last screen confirms that the upload was a success:

Once you have completed an upload successfully, you can then manage that upload and delete all of the listings from that upload if you want to.