StoreFront Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
  • Income Earning Feature
  • GeoProducts v5.2.0 or later
  • Windows Servers
  • Unix / Linux Servers
Sellers Get More Exposure with a Personal Storefront...

Add On Highlights

  • Version 1.9.1
  • Storefront Subscription
  • Subscription Lengths/Pricing
  • Trial Subscriptions
  • Seller Control Panel
  • Seller Specific Pages
  • Seller Generated Content
  • Seller Newsletter Feature
  • Seller Uploads their Logo
  • Storefront Category Browsing
  • Offer Seller Multiple Templates

The Storefront Add On involves an interactive set of specialty pages on your site that a seller can purchase a subscription for. These pages provide a seller not only the opportunity to highlight their listings but also the advantage of profiling their company as well. When site visitors click into one of your sellers' Storefronts they will experience a personalized look at the seller's listings, logo, unique category browsing, personal extra pages, newsletters, and more.

Your Advantages
The Storefront Add On is a great opportunity for you to create an increased earnings potential for yourself through the software. You will set up Storefront Subscription Periods with Fees and charge sellers based upon the time period they choose. The Storefront Subscription Fee is in addition to any other fees that you charge the seller when they list their items on your site.

One of the great features of this Add On is that each Storefront has its own unique URL path on your domain. Therefore, as sellers advertise their Storefront URL on their own websites and through other resources, you will experience increased site traffic by taking advantage of their marketing efforts.

You may also choose to create "trial" subscription periods, which are valid for only a single use. In this way, you can offer sellers an opportunity to try out the storefront for a short time at a reduced price (or for FREE) before committing to a paid Storefront Subscription.

Seller Advantages
The Storefront Add On offers your sellers the opportunity for increased listings exposure on your site. Listed below are just a few examples of the advantages your sellers will have when they purchase a Storefront Subscription from you:

  • Unique Storefront URL using the SEO Addon with their Site UserName or the Storefront name they select:
    • --or--
  • Increased listing exposure which helps the chances of selling their items.
  • Their own unique URL path that they can advertise in emails, on websites, etc.
  • Seller can turn "off" their Storefront from being displayed during set up and maintenance.
  • A "Storefront" column is displayed on the main site's category pages which will draw the attention of visitors to those sellers who have Storefronts.
  • The Seller's listings automatically populate into the Storefront...nothing more for them to do.
  • Sellers can upload their own logo and slogan.
  • Sellers can choose from any number of Storefront templates that you offer.
  • Sellers can create their own category structure unique to their Storefront.
  • Sellers can create and populate their own "extra pages" to provide more information to visitors.
  • Sellers can create their own newsletters and allow visitors to subscribe directly through the Storefront.
  • Sellers can get personal traffic information for their Storefront.


The image below represents how a Storefront might look once it is set up. Keep in mind that this example is using the template that comes by default when you install the Storefront Addon. Not only is this template completely customizable, but you can also create and offer as many additional Storefront Templates as you like for your Sellers to choose from while they are setting up their Storefront. Note that the "Manage My Storefront" button only displays to the owner of that Storefront if they are logged in to your site.

Storefront Template
Sellers can choose from any number of Templates that you offer them. This Example Storefront happens to be using the "skyline" template that comes with GeoCore.
Store Logo
Sellers upload their own logo to personalize the Storefront.
Welcome Message
Sellers enter their own slogan or welcome message.
Custom Categories
Sellers can set up their own category structure specific to their Storefront. For example, if your main site has 30 categories, but a seller only wants to offer items in two categories, she can simply set up only the two categories that she wants. Then, when listing her items through the software's normal listing process, one of the selections will be to choose the "Storefront Category" in which the item will appear.
Custom Pages
Sellers can create extra pages in their Storefronts to provide additional information to their visitors. A seller could, for example, create an "About Us" page or a "Terms & Conditions" page to reveal more information about his business.
Store Newsletter
Sellers can offer the ability for site visitors to subscribe to their "newsletter" by having the visitor submit their email address. Each "newsletter" that the seller sends out is recorded for later recall. All subscribers are recorded in the Seller's Storefront Control Panel tool.
Store Map Location
Seller can enter the address to the physical location of their Store if they have one that they want to advertise.

Storefront Default Templates

The Storefront Addon comes with several Storefront themes for your sellers to choose from. So when they upload their logo they can then choose a theme that more closely matches their taste. Once selected it will automatically appear in their Storefront. You can create additional themes as well if you like.

Storefront Browsing

Visitors browse your seller's Storefront similar to the way they browse the rest of your site. Of course, however, only the seller's listings will appear in their Storefront.

Promoting Storefronts

There are a variety of ways that visitors to your site can find the seller's Storefront. Seller's have "Visit My Storefront" links that will display on all of their listings. There is also a "Browse by Storefront" feature. Most commonly, however, as visitors browse your site, they will see the seller's "Storefront Logo" appear next to each of their listings, as shown in the image below:

Each Storefront has it's own URL so that the Storefront owner can promote their link within ads, emails, etc, which draws visitors back to your site. The Storefront owner will choose the name of their store and the URL is automatically applied to their account. GeoCore will scan the database for duplicate Store names and reject that selection if there is already a duplicate name in the system:

Managing Storefronts

Your Storefront owners will have a variety of tools within their Storefront's Control Panel that will help them to truly customize the browsing experience of their Storefront.

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