Contact Us Form Add On

Price: FREE
  • Installed FREE with GeoCore
  • Two Click Activation
Simple and Secure Communications through your Classified and Auction installation...

Add On Highlights

  • Version 1.0.0
  • Multiple Form Fields
  • Place Form Anywhere on your Site
  • Forward to Multiple Departments
  • Any Number of Email Addresses
  • Edit Subject Prefix
  • Includes Sender's IP Address
  • Uses Security Image Add On

The Contact Us Form Add On combines with the protection of the Security Image Add On (also FREE) to allow your site visitors to communicate with you reliably and securely. By default, the form is set up to automatically display on the software's default "Contact Us" page. However, the tag that is used to display the form can be easily placed on any page of your site for true design flexibility.

You have the option to enter as many email addresses as you would like to be notified with each form submission. The visitor can choose between two different departments to send their request as well. By default, we have set up "Sales" and "Support" departments to select from. But these department names can be changed to your liking.

You can choose to have the sender's IP Address included with each form submission for your reference. This also shows the sender that their IP address is being recorded as a step to illustrate security and spam protection. It also allows you to look up the IP address to see where the submission originated from and ban that IP address if necessary.