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Account Balance Add On

The Account Balance Add On will equip your GeoCore web site with account balance billing. This Add On will allow you to offer some users or all of them the ability to maintain an account balance with your site.

Anonymous Listing Add On

This Add On allows sellers to place classified ads and/or auctions without having to go through a registration process. The process is similar to what is available with many free sites like Craigslist, Kijiji, and Gumtree.

Attention Getters Add On

Income Earning Feature

This Add On offers you the ability to generate additional income through your site by charging sellers a premium to have an "attention getter" image displayed next to their classified ad, auction, or directory listing.

Bulk Uploader Add On

The Bulk Uploader Add On allows you, as the site administrator, to upload mass quantities of classified or auction listings for your users.

Chat Add On

Add LiveChat to all of your Geo-driven websites. It is extremely versatile, very easy to use, and is FREE TO USE! Statistics show that sites offering a LiveChat system increase consumer confidence, whether Chat is active or not.

Contact Us Form Add On

classified software and auction software contact form functionality
This Add On offers your web site visitors the ability to securely submit questions/feedback to you directly regarding your classifieds or auctions site. It is integrated with the Security Image Add On and professional in appearance and function.

Debug Logging Add On

The Debug Logging Add On will log debug output for your site, which is helpful for third party development or if your classified ad and/or auctions site is experiencing problems.

Debug Message Add On

The Debug Message Add On will display debug output in the browser for you should the need arise to support your classifieds and auctions web site. Similar to the Debug Logging Add On, it is useful for third party development and troubleshooting issues.

Discount Codes Add On

The Discount Codes Add On gives you the opportunity to offer a discount for the areas that you charge a fee. Offer as many discount codes as you like for classifieds, auctions, subscriptions, etc...

Enterprise Pricing Add On

The Enterprise Pricing Add On will take your GeoCore to new money making heights. This Add On will expand the pricing flexibility of GeoCore offering you many many new ways to earn money.

Example Add On

The Example Add On is the skeletal framework of an Add On with no specific function. The Example Add On is commonly used as a template for code modifications and/or developing your own Add On.

Featured Level Add On

Income Earning Feature

The Featured Level Add On will power your GeoCore web site with additional revenue. This Add On will allow you to spread out featured displays around your website and charge for each.

Forum Bridge Add On

The Forum Bridge Add On is a product integration tool that allows you to operate one or more GeoCore installations while sharing the users with either vBulletin or Phorum forum board software.

GeoCore Bridge Add On

The GeoProducts Bridge Add On is a product integration tool that allows you to operate multiple installations of our products separately while sharing the users between the installations.

Geographic Navigation Add On

The Geographic Navigation Add On offers similar browsing that is found on popular free classified ads websites like OLX, Craigslist, Gumtree and Kijiji.

Google Maps Add On

The Google Maps On offers you the ability to display detailed mapping information using the Google Map API on the listing(classifieds, auctions, etc...) details page.

Joomla / JFusion Plugin

classified software and auction software contact form functionality
The JFusion Add On integrates GeoCore with Joomla through the popular Joomla Component -> JFusion. The site's users and design are then managed using Joomla extending Joomla's features to GeoCore.

Language Packs

We offer 20+ Language Packs, all downloadable FREE from the "client area" on our site, including French, Spanish, German, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Arabic, and more...

License Activity Add On

The License Activity Add On will display any license errors that are produced by your site. Typically this addon is disabled after initial installation as it will not log any more license entries unless there is a problem.

Listing Export Add On

The Listing Export Add On offers you the ability to search and export classifieds, auctions , and/or listings into csv or xml format. The output can be used by other applications such as those used for print media production.

Main E-Mail Sender Add On

The Main E-Mail Sender Add On provides the software with its email functionality. It utilizes the Swift library and is capable of utilizing, Sendmail, SMTP, or PHP mail() function to send emails.

Mobile API Add On

The Mobile API Add On offers you the ability to let your customers browse your site's classifieds and auctions using a mobile application that can be downloaded to the user's smart phone.

Multi-Admin Add On

The Multi-Admin Add On gives you the ability to create additional Admin Users and allow them to have permission-based access to the areas of your software's Admin Control Panel that you specify.

Pedigree Tree Add On

The Pedigree Tree Add On offers you the ability to collect pedigree information and display it in a common format within any of your classified ads, directory listings, or auctions.

Security Image Add On

The Security Image Add On offers added security to the forms submitted through your site. A Security Image will display at the bottom of each form for your visitors to verify each time they submit a form.

SEO Add On

The SEO Add On offers you the ability to deploy your site with Search Engine Friendly URL's for increased page indexing. The Add On installs easily into GeoCore and uses Apache mod_rewrite for url re-writing.

Sharing Add On

The Sharing Add On offers your visitors and sellers alike the ability to share links to your site's listings with Social Networking sites and Craigslist.

Signs & Flyers Add On

With the Signs & Flyers Addon your customers will have the ability to easily print a sign and/or flyer through a dynamically generated form for each active classified ad, directory listing, or auction placed on your site.

Social Connect Add On

The Social Connect Addon allows your users to both Register, and Log In, using Facebook. Other popular social websites will be coming soon.

Storefront Add On

Income Earning Feature

The Storefront Add On offers each seller who has a Storefront subscription an interactive set of pages built directly into your site. This gives the seller the opportunity to highlight their listings.

Subscriptions Add On

Income Earning Feature

The Subscription Add On will power your GeoCore web site with subscription billing. This Add On will allow you to generate recurring revenue through subscription based access.

Tokens Add On

Income Earning Feature

"Tokens" can be used by customers to remove the basic cost of the listing. You can issue them to customers for free or charge for future usage on your site. You can even set up token “bundles” that the user can purchase from you.

Twitter Feed Add On

The Twitter Feed Add On allows your users to place a Twitter Feed directly on their Listing Display Page. The feed shows all of their latest tweets.

Zip/Postal Code Add On

The Zip / Postal Code Search Add On is a versatile search tool that allows your customers to process dynamic zip (postal) code searches in your GeoCore classifieds, auctions, or directory listings web site.