About Us

about usWho we are...
The Geodesic Solutions Team is a group of Internet professionals who have a constant drive to become the very best in each and every opportunity we take on. Since our inception in 2001, we have developed what are arguably the most comprehensive Internet-Based Classified Ad software and Auction software solutions available on the Internet. Our team is comprised of Business Professionals, Engineers, Degreed IT developers and Graphics Artists.

Where we are...
We deliver our products and services world-wide from our Dallas office, located in the heart of Texas, USA.

What we stand for...
Each entrepreneur represents the lifeblood of capitalism which drives the world's economy. It is because of that spirit that we proudly operate our company in an industry that needs an honest, hard-working, customer-oriented team of professionals. We believe in delivering effort, creativity and innovation in each and every endeavor we approach. It is our sincere intent to provide our clients with the shortest distance between their current situation and the web-based solutions they seek. Our name, Geodesic Solutions, was chosen as a continuous reminder of this mission.

Company Co-Founders

Rob Dowen photo

Rob Dowen

General Manager of Geodesic Solutions, LLC

Rob is a highly-motivated entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Geodesic Solutions, LLC. From its inception in 2001, “Geo” (as their customers refer to them) has established itself as the world’s premier online software solutions provider for the Classifieds Ads and Auctions industry. Geo’s signature product, known as GeoCore, sets the industry standard in assisting both entrepreneurs and established businesses alike, to create an appealing and competitive online presence.

Rob has a B.S. Degree in Engineering and an MBA in Executive Management. He is responsible for Geo’s day-to-day operations, software quality control, business development and customer service relations.

He is a husband and father of 4 beautiful girls. When escaping the drama of said ‘4 beautiful girls’ he enjoys playing golf, running, and working with the youth at his church. Rob has also proudly served in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard for the past 26 years.

James Park Photo

James Park

IT Project Manager of Geodesic Solutions, LLC

James has been in the Internet technologies industry for over 20 years. At a previous computer service and networking company he helped maintain internal networks for small to mid level companies around Fort Worth and Dallas. He also installed network cabling for many of those clients including some school systems. While working there as a technician he began designing and creating webpages for forward thinking clients. Those simple webpages then needed to actually do things and so James moved onto web server based application creation using PHP and MySQL. After a few years of application creation for an online research company, an onlne print site and law firms he partnered with Rob and Brian to form Geodesic Solutions, LLC.

James was Geo's first full time employee and wore many hats in Geo's formative years. He was responsible mainly for application development and maintenance for several years until he moved into his current role with Geo as Project Manager and support. He currently provides application sales and support to GeoCore customers in many forms including chat, email and wiki creation. He still "gets into the code" from time to time but leaves most code development to others.

After starting his advanced education at Texas Christian University and Tarrant County College he graduated from Texas Wesleyan University with a Bachelor Degree. James is a devoted husband and father to 3 children and life long resident of Fort Worth. He has several hobbies that include forex trading, carpentry, home improvement, auto maintenance, painting and drawing.