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Intuitive Admin Panel

GeoCore's attractive and intuitive admin panel provides ease of use with plenty of statistics. Offer a completely free classifieds and auctions site. Or, set up simple to very complex pricing schemes to charge visitors to place listings on your site. Receive email notifications of new registrations, listings, etc. Your site is always at your fingertips, manageable by pc, mac, tablet, or smart-phone.

Attractive FREE Responsive Themes

Whether you want to design your Classifieds website from the ground up, or add a little personal flair of your own, we have FREE Responsive themes for you to choose from to get your Classified Ads site up and running quickly. Beautifully designed, and preformatted for mobile viewing, you can use "as is" or customize to your liking.

Easy to Manage - Even on the Go

Domain Based Software means you can easily connect to and manage your classifieds website wherever you have Internet access. So whether you're at the office, meeting friends at a coffee shop, or spending a day at the beach... your business conveniently travels with you. Internet novice or HTML Superhero, you'll find extreme design flexibility with GeoCore!

Why GeoCore?

It was in 2001 that we were just like you... searching for Classified Ads Software for a website we desperately wanted to launch. We had all the passion and ingenuity, but simply couldn't find the right software to help take our idea to market. That void inspired us to begin developing our own proprietary Classifieds software, now known as GeoCore, which we are proud to offer you. Thank you for considering GeoCore as a part of your income-earning business model.

Available in over 20 Languages

GeoCore has over 15 years in the making, which means during that time we've been able to amass over 20 translations of the software, all of which have been translated by our very own customers... native speakers of the language. Every piece of text can be translated to your native tongue and offered in any currency. True multilingual capability!

"Geo's Classified software is the best in the market. The best part about it is its affordability, easy installation and quick start-up."

Eric Tan - Las Vegas, Nv. USA

"We receive more traffic to our website than our 6 nearest competitors combined. It has paid for my recent wedding, our house, car, etc, etc."

David Gold - Queensland, Australia

"It was a dream come true when I came across Geo. I highly recommend Geodesic to everyone who wants to start their own Classifieds Site."

Alok Sharma - Maharashtra, India

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