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Dual Release - new 7.3.4 and a new 7.4 Beta

We have just released both version 7.3.4, and a new beta version for the next feature release, 7.4beta1! These are available for anyone running GeoCore Classifieds, GeoCore Auctions, or GeoCore MAX and have current download access.

Most sites will want to update to version 7.3.4, as it is the latest stable release in the 7.3 product line. This new maintenance release takes care of a number of issues that have accumulated since the last release (17 Fix/Maintenance Changes, and one template set change). You can see more details in the forum post for 7.3.4, and in the 7.3.4 changelog.

Beta Version

Category Screenshot

(Above: Screenshot of the new category admin page in the beta version)

For those that want to try out the bleeding edge changes, you can also download the latest beta release, version 7.4beta1 which is the first beta release out for the future 7.4 release. We plan to release more beta versions as more features are finished by the developers, until all of the features we have planned for 7.4 are finished. We still have a ways to go before that happens, likely 2-3 months or more as this release has "big plans". There are 2 main things finished so far in the beta: The category admin has been re-done, which adds a lot of features as part of the re-do, and a new importer, along with hand-full of other features (13 features / enhancements to be exact). You can see more information in the informal forum post here (this one in the client area of the forums, current clients only).

Note that as always, we do not recommend using the beta version on a live site, at least not until you have had a chance to test it thoroughly. See the Beta Releases section in the user manual for more info about beta releases, before deciding if you want to use it or not.

New Feature "Vote Drive" - cast your votes today

We're having a vote drive for features listed in Bugzilla! For those that are not aware, we use Bugzilla for feature and bug tracking, and we use a built in "vote" function to give us an idea of what features people want the most. You can see more information about bugzilla and how we use it in the user manual wiki page Bugzilla Info.

First A note on features: The software already has lots of features built in, in fact it is the most feature-rich classifieds and auctions software available in the market today. Even so, we continue to add more features with each major release to make the software even better than it already is! We must be careful to add features that people want and avoid adding features that might only be useful to a specific website's needs (such features would be better suited for a custom addon, using the addon framework built into the software). One way we ensure this is by taking "votes" for feature requests, and using that to decide which features do get added to the software in the next feature release. That will keep the software feature-rich without the extra bloat of features that no one uses or has a need for.

We use votes for feature requests within Bugzilla as a vital part of how we decide what to work on next, but not many realize they have the ability to vote on features, or even that the Bugzilla issue tracker exists on our website! Existing customers can access bugzilla at, you just need to log in with your Geodesic client area e-mail and password (that is issued when you purchase the software). Access to the Bugzilla system is limited to existing customers only.

There are many things that go into the decision about what feature we add in what versions. A large part of that is how much "demand" for the feature there is. Another part is how much development time a feature would take to add. So say that "feature a" there are 50 people that want it, but it is a feature that will take a full month to add. If there is "feature b" that only 20 people want, but it will only take a day or less to add, that feature is more likely to get added with fewer votes needed to justify adding that feature. It is a balance between how many want a feature, and how much time it would take to add that feature. More complex features will still take more time and thus will take a lot more votes to justify adding that feature instead of 5 or 6 "less popular" features that we could do in the same amount of time instead. There are other factors as well, you can see a more in-depth explanation in the user manual wiki, in the section How We Add Features. And this is why we are having a "feature vote drive", the more people are voting on features that they want, the better idea we will have about which features people want the most. Right now the vote counts are pretty low, something we hope to remedy with this vote drive!

Trouble Navigating / Finding a Feature? See the Bugzilla Info page in the user manual.

Don't See a Feature? If you want a specific feature and don't see it listed in Bugzilla, send us a feature request! We can either direct you to the Bugzilla bug, or can create a new one for you if it is something we might consider adding to the software in the future. We do not just accept "every" request, for instance we would never add forums into the software because that isn't what the software is for, the software is made for classifieds and auctions. But we WOULD consider a request to link the software to another forum software!

How to Vote? First you find the feature you want to vote for in Bugzilla (see the info about navigating Bugzilla above). Then, just click the vote link! It will look something like the screenshot below.

Vote Link Screenshot

New subscription based renewal for support and download access, only $34 a month

Due to requests we have received from clients, we have added a new subscription based option for renewing support and software download access for your Geocore Classified software and auction software. How it works: You purchase the renewal subscription using the link below or in the client area, and pay a low monthly payment of $34. Once you start the subscription you are locked in at that cost for as long as the subscription is active, even if the price goes up you will not pay more! Unlike the "one time" payment options, this is a subscription that renews each month automatically. This will ensure that you always have access to the latest versions of the software and can use live chat support whenever you need it, for a low monthly subscription cost.

  • Continuous Access to New Software Versions (for the life of the subscription)
  • Continuous Premium Live Support Chat (for the life of the subscription)
  • Low Monthly Subscription Payments instead of one larger "one time" payment for extension. (Automatic payments if using Paypal)
  • License does NOT expire - Even if you cancel this subscription or are late on a payment, it only affects your access to new downloads and live support chat. Your original purchase for Geocore grants you a software license that does not expire, even if you let the support and/or download access expire.

We realize that this option is not for everyone, so rest assured that all of the existing renewal options will still be available as well. So you are free to choose when and how you renew access to downloads or live chat support, or whether you even need to renew it at all. You can see more info on the software support and updates page. This just adds one more option for you to choose from when renewing access to support and updates.

For existing customers, you can purchase the monthly renewal subscription here. If you have any questions or have any feedback on this option, contact us. For those that have support and updates still active on their account, you can contact us for an option to add the subscription to your account that will not kick in until your current support or updates expires, then at that time it will invoice you to start the subscription. Note that you must contact us for this option, purchasing it directly on the site will start the subscription payments immediately even if you have some time remaining on your support and updates.

This is possibly only going to be offered for a limited time depending on how it is received. As mentioned we've had a few requests for this type of payment option but at this point we are seeing how much demand for this type of option there really is. As you may know already, we are a small company so can't do the types of "focus groups" that larger corporations are able to do prior to releasing something new, so in effect you get to be the focus group if you want! Let us know what you think of this renewal option, whether it is confusing, think it is a good idea, or whatever the case is, let us know. We may be changing some of the details depending on the feedback we get, if we end up raising the price though, note that you are locked in at the lower price if you sign up now. If we end up lowering the price (that is not very likely though as it is already such a low price!), you can cancel the subscription and start a new one at the lower price. We just want to spell out the specific details so you know how it works before hand.

7.3.0 Final is released, new Mobile-Friendly "Responsive Web Design" is now available

We have been hard at work for the last 6 months, working on the next stair-step release: version 7.3.0, which focuses on mobile friendly features. Previous version 7 releases were about 3-4 months in the making. This one took a lot longer due to the re-design of the entire default template set, which now uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) principles. We've also added a lot of optimization options that will make pages load much faster, which is particularly important for viewing sites on mobile devices. In total, 7.3.0 has 39 new features & enhancements, 45 maintenance / bug fixes and stability improvements, and 106 template files changed.

When you first look at the new default design, which you can see in our main demo, it may look very similar to the previous 7.2 design, at least if you view it in a browser on your desktop computer. The goal was to make the desktop look very similar to the previous version, though you may notice minor changes throughout. However, if you look at the new version on a mobile phone or tablet, or just change your browser width to be small, you will see where the huge changes are and the reason this new version was 6 months in the making. The entire layout responds to the size of the window or device! On mobile devices, it gives a feel close to what a native app might look like. This responsive layout extends into every part of the site on the front side, including listing placement, registration, etc.

See the changelog for a full list of changes. We will also have a forum post up shortly with all the technical changes. For those updating from a previous release (even those using the 7.3 release candidates), be sure to follow the Full Update Instructions as there will be additional steps that may be required to your existing templates. For most, the changes are minor if you wish to keep using your existing design. No matter what you want to do with the design, the full update instructions will have you covered as it contains instructions for different scenarios.

7.3 Release Candidate 1 is available

We are ecstatic to announce that the much anticipated 7.3 release candidate 1 is now available for download! At this time we recommend this new version only for new installations, or if you plan to use the new default design, as we are still working on the instructions for those wanting to update and keep the existing design. This new release is focused on features that make it more Mobile Friendly! Here are a few highlights:

  • Default Design now uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) - responds to the size of the screen, making for an awesome experience for desktop users or mobile users, or any sized device in between. See our philosophy for more detailed explanation.
  • Capable of assigning template sets to load for "only mobile", or "only desktop" for those that wish to create a "mobile version" of the templates. Note that the default design does NOT do this, it uses RWD techniques so that the exact same content changes layout and design based on the size of the screen, rather than showing entirely different content to mobile devices. (see the link above for our own philosophy on that)
  • Page Speed Improvements - can now combine, minify, and compress JS and CSS (which is a big deal to help speed up the page, especially on mobile devices)
  • Image uploader re-done using HTML5 - can now upload images on iPhones, iTablets, iTables, and whatever else Apple comes up with! The new uploader works using HTML5 to upload the images (or files), so it works on devices that previously were blocked due to lack of Flash support. The upload interface also got a facelift to bring it into the responsive design fold.

If you want to give it a try, existing customers can get it from the client area, in My Downloads. New customers can get it by purchasing the software. Unless otherwise requested, any new installations will use the new release candidate, updates will only update to 7.2.5 (unless 7.3 is requested and you don't mind using default design). You can find more technical information in the user forums here, and can see all the changes in the full changelog.