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Script - GeoCore for Classified Ads
Script - GeoCore for Classified Ads
GeoCore - Classifieds
  • The most Powerful, Flexible, and Secure Classified Ads Software on the Market.

    The most Powerful, Flexible, and Secure Classified Ads Software on the Market.

  • GeoCore can be customized for any Classifieds Industry and used on any website.

    GeoCore can be customized for any Classifieds Industry and used on any website.

  • Every single aspect down to the Source Code can be altered to suit your needs.

    Every single aspect down to the Source Code can be altered to suit your needs.

Script - GeoCore for Auctions
Script - GeoCore for Auctions
GeoCore - Auctions
  • Feature-rich auction software that lets you compete with the most popular auctions sites on the Internet.

  • Customize to a specific industry or offer a General Auctions site similar to eBay.

  • Standard Auctions, Dutch Auctions, Reverse Auctions, Buy Now... It's all in there!

Classified Ads and Auctions Script
Classified Ads and Auctions Script
GeoCore - MAX
  • Want to offer your customers the ability to place Auctions & Classifieds? With GeoCore, you can!!!

  • Enable/Disable Classified Ads or Auctions Anytime based on your Specific Needs.

  • Offer a Combination that will place you Ahead of your Competition!

GeoCore... Whether you are running GeoCore as a Classified Ads Only, Auctions Only, or BOTH Classifieds and Auctions, you will find all of the features below in your GeoCore Software. No other software can match GeoCore feature for feature, at such a low price!

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v7.3 Release Notes Highlights...

Mobile Friendly Features
The main focus for version 7.3 is mobile-friendly features!

New Responsive Web Design (RWD) Based Theme
The entire design has been changed to use RWD, so that the layout and design elements respond to look the best they can on the device, whether a mobile phone, tablet, Google TV, Wall Screen, or anything in between.

In other words, get the full desktop "power" packed into a size and layout that responds and works great on any device, no matter how large or small!

New HTML5 Image Uploader
To compliment the other mobile-friendly features, the software now uses an HTML5 image uploader, which means it will work on any modern smart phone or tablet that supports HTML5 uploads. That means you can upload images from your iPhone or android device!

Dedicated Mobile Templates "Capable"
The default design uses RWD, so it uses a single set of templates that respond to the device, the default does not use "mobile only" templates. But we realize that some may still wish to use mobile-only templates, instead of or in addition to a RWD based design. So we've added that as a choice within the software: The software has ability to use "mobile only" or "desktop only" templates if you wish to. See our Design Philosophy page in the user manual for more information about that.

Optimized Page Speed
The new version includes options to minify, compress, and combine the common CSS and JS files, along with other optimization options. These optimizations make the software load much faster on mobile devices, making for a much better experience for mobile visitors on your site. And of course desktop users will benifit from the speed improvements as well!

These features are on top of the v7.1 and v7.2 released earlier this year and listed below...

v7.2 Release Notes Highlights...

New Place A Listing Process
We've made the "page to page" process of inserting a listing into the system much more admin configurable. You can make the place a listing process one page or combine two or more consecutive pages of the process into one. You can even have the software skip the cart if the currently placed listing will be free.

New Buy Now Item Feature
You can now sell individual items from a buy now auction type format instead of the buy now bid purchasing the full amount of items. You no longer need to create separate buy now item listing for each individual item you wish to sell. Within this new feature your clients can click to buy and then enter an amount of the whole to purchase. The listing will stay open until the full quantity of items in the listing have been purchased.

v7.1 Release Notes Highlights...

New Browsing Views and Sort Dropdown
Your site visitors will now have three options for viewing listing results while browsing categories. Gallery, List, and Grid views are easily accessed with the simple click of an icon. As always, these views are html template based, so you can customize which fields get displayed and where, by editing the templates for each. Additionally, a "sort" dropdown has been added for additional browsing convenience.

Powerful {listing} Tag Feature
Massive development overhaul that allows you to essentially take any data that is ordinarily displayed on a listing display page and place it on your browsing categories pages for each listing... Google Maps, thumbnail images & YouTube videos open in Lightbox, Contact Seller link, etc... TRUE DESIGN FLEXIBILITY!!!

Category Browsing Filters
The new (and FREE) Core Display Addon allows site visitors to browse your site's categories and fine-tune their browsing results by clicking 'filters' that will appear on the left of the screen. This will help them to really target the product or service they are seeking.

jQuery Gallery Carousel for Featured Listings
Your sellers will enjoy extra exposure for their featured listings as they scroll across the screen drawing the attention of potential buyers. With GeoCore's Smarty Template structure you have the flexibility to override the admin settings with your own settings directly in the template for a truly custom display, such as number of columns and thumbnail sizes!

Multiple Regions per Listing
Your sellers can now choose multiple regions to associate their listing with, thus expanding their potential exposure to buyers. Additionally, you can charge sellers for those additional regions selected if you choose to.

Report Abuse Form
New Report Abuse form allows visitors to quickly and easily report listings to you that are deemed suspicious.

Multi-Level Fields
Create groups of fields that have parent/child dependencies (levels). So, once an item is selected from a dropdown, its child dropdown automatically populates with the appropriate fields for that parent. Example: Choose an Auto Maker from the parent dropdown, and its child dropdown will refresh to display appropriate Models. These fields will be used throughout your site including the Listing Process and Search Processes. A convenient "batch upload" feature allows you to easily populate an unlimited number of groups with unlimited levels.

  • Getting Started

    - Software Downloadable at Time of Purchase
    - Install Wizard for Easy Install on Your Hosted Domain
    - Installation Available - Installs on Most Host Accounts
  • Administrator Controls

    - 24/7 Software Admin Access Worldwide
    - Countless Switches and Settings
    - Source Code Accessible - NOT Encrypted
  • User Experience

    - Place and Manage Listings with Ease
    - Upload Pics / Files / YouTube™ Vids, Email Notifications
    - SOLD Sign, Print Signs & Flyers, so much more...
  • Accept Payments Online

    - Credit Card / PayPal / Check / Money Order
    - You Control All Pricing
    - Recurring Billing Available - More Details
  • Charge Fees

    - Charge Flat Fee, Based on Price Field, or by Duration
    - Attention Getters, Featured Listings, Bolding
    - StoreFront Subscription, many more options...
  • iPhone™ Integration

    - Private Label App or Shared App
    - Sell to Users or Offer for FREE
    - Requires GeoMobile API Add On
  • Software Support & Updates

    - FREE Software Support
    - FREE Software Updates
    - LiveChat, Wiki, Forum, Knowledgebase
  • Complete Design Control

    - Default Template Design / Colors or Your Own Design
    - Totally Customizable to Any Industry
    - Custom Categories, Questions, Regions, etc.
  • International Capabilities

    - 20+ Language Translations Available - More Details
    - Text 100% translatable, Date/Time/Currency Settings
    - CHARSET formatting, including RTL
  • Security

    - Secure Payments, Registration, Listings with SSL
    - Secure Forms with Captcha™ / ReCaptcha™
    - IP / Domain Banning, Bad Word Filter, more...
  • Seller StoreFront

    - Seller Creates Custom Categories, Pages, Newsletter
    - Seller Uploads Own Logo / Welcome Message
    - StoreFront Traffic Monitoring by Date - More Details
  • Third Party Compatibility

    - Google Maps, MapQuest, YouTube™
    - Oodle / RSS Feeds, PayPal,
    - iDevAffiliate, Post Affiliate Pro, etc...

GeoCore by Geodesic Solutions is the #1 online solution for easily creating and running a website using Classified Ads, Auctions, or BOTH!

By leveraging the power, reliability, and security of GeoCore, you can quickly create and administrate your own website that will look great and deliver full functionality on any device, including the latest smartphones and tablets.

Have you dreamed of running your own classified or auctions website, but don't know how to begin? GeoCore is for you! The feature-rich yet accessible administrative controls allow you to configure a fully-functional website site with just a few clicks.

Perhaps you're an experienced webmaster who dreams in HTML and speaks JavaScript more fluently than your native tongue? GeoCore is for you, too! The template-based design and highly-extensible Addon system mean you can finetune all the nuts and bolts to your exact liking.

GeoCore can create Classified Ad and/or Auction websites for ANY industry, including...

Automobiles Cars Boats Hot Rods Firearms Guns Equine Puppies Pets Real Estate Equipment Job Boards Want Ads General Classified Ads General Auctions Books Electronics Personals Antiques Furniture Software