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    Default open letter to : Geodesic Solutions, Rob Dowen , James Park , staff...

    Geodesic Solutions LLC,
    Rob Dowen , James Park , staff...

    200 + 4 days ago i paid un upgrade to GeoMax.
    You NOT upgraded that license, You NEVER answered to my emails !

    I ask money back if not upgrade or drink a bottle of whiskey in my behalf
    Thank You, geoStaff

    here you have :


    Dorian N. ( nicolasdorian )
    owner of Web Intermedia SRL,
    Bucharest 16/02/2020
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    200 + 5 days
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    I haven't gotten a response to any of the help desk tickets I've opened since fall 2018. And now it appears my site is broken for no apparent reason!

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    About a month ago I paid for download access to upgrade to the latest version 18.02.0. After payment, I immediately had access to download version 18.02.0 automatically without any need for Geo Support interaction or communication. Have you double-checked to make sure you are navigating to the correct location to access your upgrade package?

    Also, I know that 6-month download access costs $99.00 so my other question is, are you sure you paid for an upgrade because the lowest price to get access to the latest version is $99.00 which provides download access for 6 months and it appears you only paid $50.00?

    It says right on the invoice "Instant Download". I hope you get access to what you paid for.

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