Version 17.10.0 is now available for download in the client area of our site.

Be sure you are familiar with the General Information for Updates. This thread details things that are specific to this particular release. Specific information on each change is always available in the changelog.

This release includes 5 new features and 17 bugfixes.

Of particular note, we have added a single admin switch to easily turn on HTTPS for *all* pages, without the need for .htaccess edits, assuming your server is configured to serve pages over HTTPS in the first place. This should allow sites to get on board with the latest trend of offering full-site HTTPS, as implemented by most major sites across the web in recent times.

We have also made some code revisions that should allow PHP 7.1 compatibility. GoDaddy hosting users take note: as of the last time I looked, GoDaddy offers PHP 7.1 on their servers, but does NOT have ionCube available for that configuration -- you'll need to stick with 7.0 until GoDaddy makes ionCube available for 7.1

Template File Changes:
Template Changes From Ver. 17.07.0 to 17.10.0
  • main_page/listing_classified.tpl
  • system/browsing/common/category_block.tpl
  • system/order_items/shared/cost_options/edit.tpl
  • system/order_items/shared/cost_options/edit_combined_quantity.tpl
  • system/order_items/shared/cost_options/index.tpl
  • system/order_items/shared/listing_collect_details.tpl

Changes relative to default template set folder geo_templates/default/, see the changelogs for more info on the specific changes for each template file.

Changed Files:
File Changes From Ver. 17.07.0 to 17.10.0
  • addons/SEO/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/account_balance/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/geographic_navigation/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/google_maps/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/social_connect/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/storefront/ - Addon Updated
  • admin/admin_registration_configuration_class.php
  • admin/admin_site_configuration_class.php
  • admin/admin_text_management_class.php
  • admin/items.php
  • admin/menus/sections/languages.php
  • admin/templates/language_import.tpl
  • admin/templates/orders/list_items.tpl
  • admin/text_utility/importMessages.php - Restored
  • app_top.main.php
  • classes/AJAXController/CostOptions.php
  • classes/api/_transports/xmlrpc.php
  • classes/browse_notify_seller.php
  • classes/order_items/_listing_placement_common.php
  • classes/order_items/listing_edit.php
  • classes/payment_gateways/cashu.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Image.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/ListingDisplay.class.php
  • classes/rpc/XMLRPC.class.php
  • classes/user_management_ad_filters.php
  • classes/user_management_favorites.php