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    Smile Is Adplotter working

    Is anyone using Adplotter ? Does it work?

    Can someone advise me how to get more traffic? Even though the site is indexed by google I don't seem to get visitors.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    I think you need to know how adplotter works. From my understanding it can spread your add to multiple sites and it can receive from multiple sites. For some this may be a benefit, for others it may not. You open your site to people who want to sell anything. Looking at your site i can see you would want to keep it only for real estate so add plotter may not be what you need. Someone here correct me if I'm wrong.
    The real issue i see for you is traffic to your site. For that may i offer some humble advice. Get another domain name and create a wordpress blog on it. Talk about real estate. What you know. Create some posts. Add new posts daily. Get social.. Facebook twitter and go get some likes. People need to know about your site and they won't find it from a search engine, those days are mostly gone for new sites. You can try paid add in Facebook and google as well. Hope that helps. Best wishes. I think you have a great site with a great future. Just get it out there.

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