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17.04.0 (April 06, 2017)


1779 - Social Connect: Facebook Login updated to match new Facebook API response
1782 - Added display of "Additional Fees" to final bid confirmation page
1783 - Added 10 blank "Extra Text" fields to Common Template Text page, for use in expanding translated templates

[Security Fixes]

- No Security fixes or patches for this release.


1773 - Fixed Charge-By-Word not working in category-specific pricing
1774 - Fixed Stripe checkout form sometimes not completing correctly
1775 - Restored missing Storefront links to search results
1776 - Fixed unresponsive "Display Category/Subcategory Navigation" admin settings
1778 - Fixed an error case involving php7 and older templates
1781 - Fixed multi-level fields being ignored in Advanced Search when also searching in a specific category
1784 - Fixed admin Categories page including archived listings in category counts
1777 - Fixed error when editing admin user's personal data
1780 - More improvements to the way search text is handled

[Template Changes]

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